Our hair removal wax products at Dyanna Spa are the best brands on the market and are suitable for all skin types. It is important to know that as professionals, we always use the top lines that have been researched for effectiveness and skin care excellence.

For most of our waxing treatments, we use Azulene wax, a gentle and warm soothing formula that is excellent for just about any skin type. Derived from the blue German Chamomile flower, this wax helps reduce redness and irritation.

We use Cirepil Blue hard wax to remove hair from especially sensitive areas of the body, or for people who have very sensitive skin. This patented wax, a result of 20 years of research, “shrink wraps” the hair so that the strand is completely encapsulated for easy hair removal.


photo 1Azulene Wax for hair removal

Our waxing specialist first warms the Azulene wax, and then applies it to the hair removal area using a wooden spatula. She covers the waxed area with paper strips and then deftly and quickly pulls off the strips opposite the direction of the hair growth. In just seconds, all of the unwanted hair is gone!




blueRocks (1)Cirepil Blue Hard Wax

Cirepil Blue Hard Wax is a lower temperature, non-paper-strip hair removal product. Our esthetician applies the wax with a wooden spatula and waits for the wax to harden. Once the wax becomes solid, she peels it off and with it, all the unwanted hair.



No Double-Dipping Policy

Our waxing specialists always wear gloves throughout a waxing treatment and never use the same wooden spatula twice to apply the wax. They simply toss it into the garbage and use a new one to apply another swath of wax. This prevents germs and bacteria from mixing with the wax source. We are very adamant about conforming to this no-double-dipping policy, in order to protect your health and well-being.


Free Consultation and Wax Patch Test

We want your waxing experience to be a good one, so we offer a free consultation and free patch test to determine which wax will be best for your hair removal treatment.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about our hair removal products. 

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