Although waxing treatments are our specialty, for both men and women, we offer additional hair removal services: threading and electrolysis.


We offer eyebrow threading to create beautifully and precisely shaped eyebrows, and for facial hair removal. Using 100% cotton thread, our esthetician rolls it across the hair removal area, and then lifts the unwanted hair out by the roots.

Eyebrows$15 (15-minute treatment)
Chin$10  (10-minute treatment)
Cheek$12  (14-minute treatment)
Upper Lip$6  (5-10 minute treatment)
Nose$10  (10-minute treatment)
Whole Face$50  (20-25 minute treatment)


Our certified electrologist uses a very small disposable needle, inserts it into the hair follicle, and applies a tiny electrical charge, which destroys the root. Although it normally takes several sessions, electrolysis is the only FDA-approved treatment for permanent hair removal.

5 Minutes$10
10 Minutes$15
15 Minutes$20
20 Minutes$25
25 Minutes$30
30 Minutes$40

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